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       Acoustics is a very fascinating topic. Music, architecture, engineering, science, theater, medicine, psychology and linguistics all try to find answers to basic questions in the fields of acoustics. Architectural acoustics have been described for centuries as a 'black magic' or, perhaps more generously, as a mysterious science. While this science is not entirely an art, it also causes the building to be as beautiful as it is functional. However, to make art; first of all, a craftsman should learn the oil of a painter or a painter, before a useful creativity occurs, the science of craft must be mastered. Bilge Acoustics has been born as a result of many serious studies over many years and it is based on sharing the right information.

   Within the scope of the architectural acoustic report, noise levels arising from mechanical equipment are investigated as well as noise and structure constructions of horizontal and vertical neighborhoods within the building, and appropriate suggestions and solutions are provided if necessary. In the new buildings, a minimum performance class C is required.

   In the calculations carried out within the scope of the accreditation certificate, ISO 12354 series standards are followed. Architectural project and building section details are presented for the preparation of architectural acoustic reports. (Click to see related Turkish regulation.) Today's problem in our pages can be made against noise; different procedures such as control, isolation and swallowing of the sound, the identification of the material to be used together with the intervention and the recommendations for the application are given.

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