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Architectural acoustics have been described for centuries as a black magic or, perhaps more generously, as a mysterious science. While this science is not entirely an art, it also causes the building to be as beautiful as it is functional. However, in order to make art, it is necessary to master the art of craft first, before a useful creativity occurs, as a potter needs to learn the clay of a painter or a painter. Research in this science was almost absent before the work of Sabine at the beginning of the 20th century.

Jean Louis Charles Garnier (1825-1898), the designer of the Paris Opera, expressed his frustration as follows.

“I gave myself pains to master this bizzare sience [of acoustics] but...nowhere did I find a positive rule to guide me; on the contrary, nothing but contradictary statements... I must explain that I have adapted to no princple, that my plan has been based on no theory, and that I leave success or failure  to change alone ... like an acrobat who closes his eyes clings to the ropes of an ascending balloon" (Garnier, 1880).

Cinema, theater, opera, such as salons in the auditorium is to control the spread.

Please click for details about the provision of natural acoustics in the halls. 

Duvar ve tavanlarda çınlama ve yansımayı engellemek için özel kaplamalar kullanılmaktadır.

Special coatings are used on walls and ceilings to prevent ringing and reflection.The most suitable solution is produced by using special computer programs in order to design the hall acoustics in the best way.